My eleven-year-old son Sean became fascinated with the baroque guitar (an obscure precursor to the modern guitar) and wanted to learn how to play. We decided that he should try to learn to play classical guitar first, and if it went well we would consider the baroque guitar. We couldn’t be more pleased with how much he has learned with Thomas.

Thomas is a talented teacher and musician, capable of explaining the most complicated music theory or technique with patience and good humor. He is very tuned in to his student’s strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions, and he tailors their lessons to their individual needs. For example, he guided Sean along building technique, and then surprised him by showing him how he could use a capo to get his classical guitar to sound more like the period music he loves.

Thomas works hard to share the skills and understanding he worked hard to acquire. His knowledge and love of music have been an incredible inspiration to my son.

Lisa B.