Thomas Millioto DMA (Doctor of Musical Arts)

Guitarist – Teacher – Producer


Creating the Future by

Honoring and Rethinking the Past

Thomas graduated from SUNY Stony Brook with a doctoral degree in classical guitar performance, while also studying performance on the lute and the 19th century classical guitar. Recently, he has been turning his musical attention to untapped potential in the electric guitar. His latest release, Suite #1 for Electric Guitar, displays the versatility and expressiveness of the electric guitar. It is available here in this site’s shop, or by searching for Thomas Millioto in your iTunes store.

Suite #1 for Electric Guitar

Suite #1 for Electric Guitar …. Copyright 2020 Thomas Millioto All Rights Reserved

Suite #1 for Electric Guitar



Atelier is the premier collective for discerning musicians who love to practice their craft, and to perform. Under my music direction, musicians in Atelier are guided and challenged in the rehearsal room, and on the stages of New York City. Atelier provides music instruction and other assets in a band setting. Guidance is given to the group as a whole, as opposed to the individual. After about two months of weekly rehearsals, the band will perform in at least one New York City club. Click here to schedule a free placement consult and reserve your spot in an Atelier project today!

Personal Statement on Individual Lessons

I teach every private student differently according to his or her own level, interests, and age. This allows each student to emerge in their own right as a musician. It has been my experience, both as a teacher and as a student, that information tends to be better retained as soon as it is necessary to actually make music. In this way, students can play the music they want to play as quickly as possible, while using each new piece of music as an etude for a new basic concept or technique which is vital to their own personal development. Eventually, each student will come to know all of the basics through exploring their own interests, and at their own pace. In this approach, abstract concepts are reinforced through playing, and playing is facilitated by greater knowledge. Most importantly, this approach retains the fun of learning, since each student’s goals move as close to them as possible. If you’d like a deeper understanding of the guitar, a greater proficiency with playing it, or if you’d simply like to start yourself (or someone you love) off on a secure path greatest efficiency, let’s discuss your needs. I’ll explain how I can help you along your individual path.

“Dr. Millioto deserves the highest commendation.”

“As a music educator (18 years in NYC public schools) I was very impressed with Tom’s completely musical, organic approach to teaching. His methodical approach to guitar has vastly improved my musical ear, my musicianship & my teaching.”

Michela E.

“It is unusual to have a teacher who truly knows how to teach.”

“I am thankful that we have Tom for guitar lessons. The gains that our son has made, and Tom’s mentoring, have made a great difference in other areas of our son’s life.”

June S., Ph.D.


“You changed my life.”

“I have just been notified that I was accepted into the Music Department and the Sound Recording Technology program at SUNY Fredonia. When I started taking guitar lessons with you, I actually thought that I would never be able to pass the audition, which would be held only three months later. However, you turned impossible into possible. You changed my life.”

Tom Y.

“His knowledge and love of music have been an incredible inspiration to my son.”

“Thomas is a talented teacher and musician, capable of explaining the most complicated music theory or technique with patience and good humor. He is very tuned in to his student’s strengths, weaknesses, and ambitions, and he tailors their lessons to their individual needs.”

Lisa B.


Actualizing Your Vision



Composing for Film or Web

Remote Guitar Tracks

Audio Restoration

“One of the coolest releases of 2022, Kin Ya See That Sun brings together 15 previously unreleased live and studio tracks by two of the three singing Roche sisters, Terre and Maggie, who were a performing folk duo dating back to their teen years before sister Suzzy Roche joined them and they put out their still-astonishing, Robert Fripp–produced 1979 debut album, The Roches.”

Blair Jackson
– Acoustic Guitar

Click the CD artwork above to purchase a hard copy or a download. You can also search for Lisa Brigantino on iTunes or Amazon.

“This is a stunner of an album.”
– ‘Round Magazine

“Lisa’s music is very well crafted and beautifully performed (I would expect nothing less).”
– Jack Douglas, Grammy Award-Winning Producer/Engineer (John Lennon, The Who, Aerosmith, Cheap Trick)

YESTERDAYDREAM is a  loving recreation of timeless classics delivered with seasoned grace by Michael Scott Ferris. This thrilling tour through the great American songbook stops at destinations like  Cole Porter and Stephen Sondheim, and even takes a day trip to Italian art song!

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