Terre and Maggie Roche’s new release “Kin Ya See That Sun” is available now!

It was an honor to do the restoration and mastering for this trove of very special recordings!

Partial List of Credits:

Terre and Maggie Roche Kin Ya See That Sun

Lisa Brigantino I’ll Waltz Before I Go, Wonder Wheel, and A Brooklyn Night CDs, (Tracking and Mixing Engineer, Session Guitarist)

Lisa Brigantino Singles, (Tracking, Mixing and Mastering Engineer)

Lez Zeppelin (Record and Mix)

Michael Scott Ferris Yesterdaydream CD (Record, Mix)

Once Upon a Child Theme Child’s Play (Write, Record, Mix and Master Original Music)

Emeril Lagasse’s show Emeril Green (Studio Guitarist)

Viva Cepeda (Compose, Mix and Master original Soundtrack)

Plato’s Closet Theme Jangle Walk (Co-writer for Jingle, Guitarist, Tracking and Mixing Engineer)

Taken and Game Night short films by Jennifer Williams (Programming and Mixing)

Vickie & Nickie (Record, Mix and Master)

Killington Ski Resort (Record Voiceovers)

The Journal (Compose, Mix and Master original Soundtrack)

The Epicurean Edge (Arrange, Mix and Master)