Lisa Brigantino’s new CD “I’ll Waltz Before I Go” is available now! Thanks to Joe Lambert at Joe Lambert Mastering for a great job!

Our terrific client, Flyover, LLC (on behalf of Winmark Corporation) has won a Silver First Place Telly Award for their national “Once Upon A Child” TV campaign. Mazzocchio Music and Hidden Pond Productions, Inc. wrote, performed and recorded the music for this campaign. The Telly Awards honor the best film & video productions, groundbreaking online video content, and outstanding local, regional, & cable TV commercials and programs. We are honored to be an integral part of this campaign.

Mazzocchio Music – Partial List of Credits:

Child’s Play Once Upon a Child Theme (Write, Record, Mix and Master Original Music)
Michael Scott Ferris Yesterdaydream CD (Record, Mix)
Emeril Lagasse’s show Emeril Green (Studio Guitarist)
Viva Cepeda (Compose, Mix and Master original Soundtrack)
Jangle Walk Plato’s Closet Theme(Co-writer for Jingle, Guitarist, Tracking and Mixing Engineer)
Taken and Game Night short films by Jennifer Williams (Programming and Mixing)
Lisa Brigantino Wonder Wheel and A Brooklyn Night CDs,(Tracking and Mixing Engineer, Session Guitarist)
Lisa Brigantino* Demo, (Tracking, Mixing and Mastering Engineer)
Lisa Brigantino** Single, (Tracking, Mixing and Mastering Engineer)
Lez Zeppelin (Record and Mix)
Vickie & Nickie (Record, Mix and Master)
Speak Spin (Compose, Record, Mix, Master)
Killington Ski Resort (Record Voiceovers)
The Journal (Compose, Mix and Master original Soundtrack)
The Epicurean Edge (Arrange, Mix and Master)