Atelier Workshop Agreement

By becoming a Workshop Participant, you agree to the following things:

  1. Bands and Repertoire. Thomas Millioto creates Workshop bands with a field of musical activity in mind, and Participants are assigned to a particular band through a placement consultation.  A placement consultation may be waived if the Music Director is already familiar with a potential Participant’s musical skill sets.  Each Workshop band will have a predetermined name.  In an effort to make each Workshop as customized as possible, Participants are encouraged to make repertoire suggestions for each Workshop through a predetermined process (the Repertoire Suggestion Process), though material covered in each band may be also selected by the Music Director. Participants are also encouraged to make musical arrangement suggestions throughout the Workshop.  The Music Director for each Workshop has final say over all musical selection and arrangement decisions. Each individual Workshop Participant is responsible for learning to perform their part in the music that has been selected for the group by the music director, regardless of the source of a repertoire suggestion.  Rehearsals are for the purpose of improving the sound of the band as a whole, not for individual members to learn their parts.  Thomas Millioto shall have final say over membership in Workshop Bands and guest Participants, if any.
  1. Rehearsal Spaces and Performance Venues. Thomas Millioto, at his cost and expense, will be reserving space for Workshops at various rehearsal spaces and performance venues.  The selection of such rehearsal spaces and performance venues, their location, and the dates and times of rehearsals and performances, are at the sole discretion of Thomas Millioto.
  1. Waiver of Liability. Rehearsal spaces and performance venues typically have physical and electronic equipment available for your use, such as seating, music stands, musical instruments, microphones, cables, power chords, mixers, amplifiers, speakers, etc.  Thomas Millioto is relying upon your adherence to the following things in accepting you into a Workshop.

a. By joining a Workshop, you acknowledge that you know how to use this equipment safely, so as not to injure yourself or others, damage such equipment, or damage your own equipment or that of other persons.

b. You understand that Thomas Millioto is unable to physically inspect these rehearsal spaces and performance venues or their equipment.

c. You will need to travel to and from rehearsals and performances.  Thomas Millioto is not responsible for your travel safety; or for the availability of private or public transportation.  Thomas Millioto is not responsible for the loss or theft of your equipment at any rehearsal space or performance venue, or during travel to and from rehearsal spaces or performance venues.

d. It is your responsibility to take care of your ears, and to wear ear protection at rehearsals and performances.

e. Rehearsal spaces and performance venues may present hazards.  It is your responsibility to take care of your body; to make music with proper technique, and to take care to prevent vocal strain, polyps, muscle strain, tendonitis, and any other physical problems.

f. It is your responsibility to take care of your emotional well-being. See a qualified health professional if you have issues with stage fright, panic attacks, public speaking, or any emotional, mental or neurological issue.

Thomas Millioto shall not be liable for bodily or emotional injury to you or for damage to or loss of your personal property, except for gross or willful negligence on the part of Thomas Millioto.  In addition, you agree to save, indemnify and hold harmless Thomas Millioto from any and all claims and liability asserted against Thomas Millioto by third-persons, arising from your participation in a Workshop, including Thomas Millioto’s actual costs and expenses, and reasonable attorney fees of legal counsel of Thomas Millioto’s choice, in the defense thereof.

  1. Cancellation policy. You understand that:

a. Thomas Millioto and your fellow Workshop Participants are depending upon your full and complete participation when you join a Workshop.  Once a Workshop is deemed by Thomas Millioto to be full enough to run, your fee to join is non-refundable.  There is no requirement that such a decision be communicated to the Participants as soon as it is made.

b. For reasons beyond the control of Thomas Millioto, rehearsals or performances may be cancelled by a rehearsal studio or a performance venue. Performances or rehearsals may also be cancelled due to considerations including, but not limited to: Acts of God, Acts of Terrorism, Weather, Pandemics, Epidemics, etc. In such cases, your Workshop fee to paid to Thomas Millioto is still non-refundable.

5. Audio & Video Recordings.  Thomas Millioto may make, cause to be made, or be the recipient of audio and/or video recordings of Workshops and Participants at rehearsals and/or performances.  Such recordings shall be the sole and exclusive property of Thomas Millioto.  By participating in a Workshop you consent that Thomas Millioto may use for promotion, advertising or trade purposes your name, portrait, picture, video, likeness or voice, and or musical performances and renditions which take place at Workshop rehearsals or performances.  This applies to recordings in any format whatsoever, and extends to all media now known or created hereafter (including but not limited to social media, print media, moving media, etc.) throughout the universe in perpetuity.

6. These foregoing things apply to Thomas Millioto, and to his successors and assigns.